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Dr. Melanie Stein ND - Owner

Ginette and her team at Integrity Billing truly care about their clients. Unlike other billing companies where you are a number, Integrity Billing works closely with your clinic team and patients to ensure smooth billing and collections. Since switching to Integrity Billing & Consulting not only can I relax and trust my biller, but I am receiving insurance reimbursements faster and my revenue has almost doubled. They frequently complete continuing education to ensure they are always guiding you on how to bill legally while increasing your clinic's profit. If you are in need of a biller, this is the team for you!
Dr. Glen Zielinski DC, DACNB, FACFN, CBIS  - Owner
 & Shauna Hahn PMHNP, CBIS- Owner
Ginette is diligent, thoughtful, attentive and she will get you paid! She and the Integrity team can always be counted on! Nobody out there wants to work hard and not get reimbursed for their services. Ginette's expertise virtually guarantees your business will be successful! Ginette will elevate your business! We give her our strongest (and most heartfelt) endorsement


Dr. Robbie Bahl MD - Owner

Ginette and her amazing billing/credentialing team have changed my medical practice.

They are attentive, local, and personable. A great combo! (The higher reimbursements dont hurt either).

We have been referring them to our colleagues over the years. An excellent company!


Jayson DC

I hired Ginette with Integrity to help me transition from an employee to my own solo practice. SHE IS AMAZING, she handled everything with the insurance companies so there was no gap in my billing & receiving payments , she did all my forms as well as my contracts for all of my employees. And it was a no brainier to have Integrity do my billing. Thank you for all the stress you took off myself & my wife. We are very grateful and looking forward to a very long relationship with Integrity.  


Daniel DC

Ginette can do it all, not only can she bill, she did all my credentialing & negotiated my rates for two of the insurance companies. Its so nice to have some looking out for us providers. She takes care of my practice so I can take care of my patients.. THANK YOU !  


Annie LAC

I had contacted Ginette about credentialing and insurance. I was very hesitant to start doing this and no idea how to bill. After meeting with Ginette I felt so much better about everything, she took 2 hours of her time to explain the world of insurance to me and made feel confident that I could do the billing on my own. She was wonderful , after several attempts I decided to save my self the hassle and hired Integrity to do my billing and I'm so glad I did. They are all great and efficient and my patients just love them.  I have so many colleagues that have horrible stories about bad billers, I feel so blessed I got a great one 1st time out.   


Michelle LMT

I contacted Ginette through a colleague of mine as I was looking for a new biller and she came highly recommended . Not only did she save me 500.00 a month, she was able to re coupe a few thousand dollars that I thought were gone forever. I'm so grateful to her and her team at Integrity, I am client for life.  


Olivia O. Owner

I found Integrity through the BBB, I was looking for someone to do invoicing  for my customers , and boy am I Glad I called. I was behind 3 months. Ginette and her team did 3 months of billing in 3 days. They knocked it out of the park. I am a forever client of Integrity.  


Aimee N. DO

Thank you to Ginette and her staff at Integrity, They have been so helpful in getting my billing back on track. Not only did they clean up a mess from a previous biller, they were able to recoup a lot of income I thought was gone forever. Do your self a favor if you need the best billers around and call Integrity . 


Maria M. LMT

Ginette came to my office & did a training with my staff about the do's & don'ts of the insurance world . It was so helpful, I am grateful for all of her knowledge and willingness to look out for us providers.


Mindy R. LAC


I found Ginette through a colleague and I met with her as I was just out of school and starting my own practice. She was "WONDERFUL" she did all my credentialing , explained all the insurance questions I had as well as  help with my Time of Service rates and set up my whole billing system. I am so glad I have her. I could not have done all this so quickly by all by myself.


Gerry B.

Its always appreciated to have someone return your calls when you are   very confused about a bill. Ginette called me back so quickly and took care of my issue. Thank you for doing what you do and being so nice to your patients. You are very appreciated.


Aaron A.  LAC/LMT


I was reflecting on how much you go above & beyond for us. We are so grateful for all you do. I have never had this much confidence and secure feeling about the financial part of my business .

 Thank you !



I found Ginette through the "Better Business Bureau", I have had 3 bad billing companies in the past 2 years and needed a good one. After reading her reviews I gave her a call. She spent over an hour on the phone with me, asking about my needs & what I wanted for my practice, After our conversation she suggested I do my own billing and she would train me. "Well that she did". She spent so much time with me teaching me the do's and dont's and made sure I was comfortable before turning me loose. And it has worked out great. I decided to keep her on retainer in case I need help. Thank you Ginette for your honesty and kindness, you made this process very easy for me. Its comforting to know that you care about your providers and what is best for them.


Cindee Y.
Getting a bill isn't always bad if you have someone who can explain why and how to prevent it next time I see my doctor. " its called being helpful"
That is EXACTLY what Ginette did. Thank you for helping me to understand the differences'  between co pays & co insurance.
I feel much more in control of my cost when I see the doctor.  

Charlie K. 

I am so thankful for Ginette & her team at Integrity, Every time I have a question regardless if it applies to a bill she is always happy to answer it and take the time to explain the insane world of insurance, benefits and payments to me. It has really helped my family


Veronica V. LMT

I was referred to Ginette to get some help with my provider credentialing . I wanted to expand my practice and be able to start billing Insurance in 2018. She was AMAZING, not only did she get the work done in 2 days, she explained every paper I was signing, gave me the Do's & Don't s of the insurance world and really help me feel confident in the fact that I would be able to do the billing as well. She answered every question I had. And made the process so easy I will without a doubt have Ginette and Integrity do the billing for my practice .THANK YOU Ginette

Damaris T.

I had the pleasure working with Ginette she is a very caring person who is professional. She is very passionate about what she does and it was a pleasure working with her. 

Chandler K. - MGR, CA

As a new practice manager Ginette & Integrity has been priceless to our office. Insurance and billing is so complicated at times and even more with the constant changes that are happening.

We are thankful to her for all her knowledge, kindness & patience with the training of our staff.We are so grateful , as are our  patients to have such an awesome billing company as part of our practice.


Justin C. - LMT

Through a business associate , Ginette was recommended to me to do my provider credentialing , Ginette made the process so easy and smooth, she took care of everything before, during and after. .Now I am able to bill most insurances and help those patients .


Terry H.

I contacted Ginette with Integrity looking for a recommendation for a great massage therapist & one who would bill my insurance. And she Came through Big Time. She is the best massage  therapist ever.  THANK YOU Ginette !


Shay L.

Ginette is amazing! I am so happy with her billing services. I am a massage therapist and do a lot of insurance massage. Ginette sends my claims out the SAME DAY! I am so happy with the turn around time for payments. Ginette also is just an all around amazing person and business owner, it says it all in the name of her company.


Joshua M.

Integrity Billing is the absolute best, I would not be able to run my business without them. Integrity gets my invoices mailed out to Insurance Companies the same day I submit them; they're incredibly diligent in resolving all things insurance related, and they even helped with insurance panel accreditation. With Integrity I can actually focus on running my business and not battling insurance companies!


Dr. Blyss

I am a chiropractor who has been in practice over a decade and have had 3 billing companies so far, including most recently Ginette at Integrity. By far, she is the most thorough, professional, efficient, and effective biller I have ever had. She works directly with insurance adjusters, the insurance commissioner, and with attorneys as well. She is direct and gets the job done. She will not hesitate to call on cases or patients directly to get the job done. Her billing statements are easy to understand and include the patients EOBs for clarity. My patients appreciate her as well because she takes the time to explain their benefits, and I mean takes the time (she spent over an hour on the phone with some of my patients to make sure they are taken excellent care of)! The turn-around time on her billings is within weeks (not months like past billers I have had) and her accounting books are as close to perfect as can be humanly possible with returns in the 90th percentile. I never plan on changing my biller again as long as I'm in practice!


Kristin F.

I am the Office Manager at a chiropractic clinic in downtown Portland, and the impact that Integrity Billing & Consulting has had for our clinic is incredible. The owner, Ginette Z***********, is incredibly knowledgeable with every type of insurance and the laws and regulations here in Oregon, and the turnaround time for our billing is so quick that I am astounded. Our patients have had nothing but positive feedback regarding their interactions with her, and our entire team is so fortunate to be able to work with her!


Ranee F. LMT

Ginette has been a constant source of encouragement in the successful expansion of my business.  She always takes the time to professionally and patiently answer my questions.

Her consultation and billing services have been integral to my growth as a professional.   I am profoundly grateful for her hard work and expediency in getting things submitted and accomplished!


Sarah H. LAC​

I contacted Ginette through a colleague recommendation.about Provider Credentialing.  I can not say how " AWESOME" she was, not only did she do it for 1/3 of what others were trying to charge me

she got it done in less than a week & took care of all the after stuff too. I am now able to start billing insurance and grow my practice. Its so nice to have some who cares and looks out for us Providers.


Lindsee W.

Thank you to Ginette and her amazing ability to deal with my insurance company. Not only did she get the denial paid she found a discrepancy in the reimbursement and I got a 20.00 refund.

I don't know why anyone would want to do insurance billing, But I am so grateful that Ginette does. ** THANK YOU 

Deann K. DC

Very big thank you to Ginette at Integrity not only did she get my credentialing done quickly, she did all the providers in my clinic and came out to finalize paperwork in between patients, so our schedule did not have to be disrupted. I am very grateful for the referral to Ginette and our office will now be using her billing services.


Rob Q.
After I was told I was covered by my doctors office and then got a bill, I was not happy. After talking with Ginette she explained how my plan worked and what I was responsible for. No one else took the time to do that, they just took my money. Ginette was very nice and compassionate the whole time we were talking ( even though I was very angry ). Next time I have any questions I will call Ginette first. I guess that's why her company is called Integrity. THANKS Ginette. 

Raynn A.

I just want to say a very big  " THANK YOU " to Ginette with Integrity.  I got in contact with her over a bill I received , after speaking with her
she was so helpful I asked her if she would be willing to help me with picking a new Insurance plan.  Ginette spent over two hours explaining the differences between the plans my employer offered
and that information helped  me  to choose the best plan for my family and our needs. She never even charged me.. People Like her are very rare in this world.
My family and I are grateful to her and feel much better about our insurance for 2018.  


As a provider and business owner keeping up with billing and insurance changes is a challenge. Ginette and her team at Integrity have done an outstanding job of keeping us up to date with all the current information so I can get my claims processed quickly and efficiently with maximum return. I am grateful to have an exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful billing company to help keep my billing successful.
Blyss Chiropractic

We at Blyss Chiropractic absolutely wish we could give a higher rating than five stars! As a team, we have been so impressed with and pleased by Ginette's services since she took over our billing in November of last year. Billing issues rarely come up now that we have a professional, local biller with an incredible depth of knowledge in this area, but if any patient ever does have a question, we know with certainty that Ginette will address it swiftly, professionally, and efficiently. She also works closely with the state insurance commissioner and the insurance claims adjusters, and is therefore extremely knowledgeable about how to bill correctly, which codes to use when, and how to bill that is most profitable for the clinic and most affordable for the patient. We've only been working with Integrity for a few months, but we already see the difference in our collections and in the way our patients are responding. Ginette and her team have consistently gone above and beyond in the work that they've done with our business, our team, and our patients. We are beyond thrilled to have a partnership with this excellent local business.
Jenna S.

I can't thank Ginette enough for all the work she did on my families medical claims... She made sure they were paid correctly and in a timely matter. She saved my family a lot of money and made it possible to continue the care we needed.
Thank you. 

Judy Avila LMT

I have been working with Ginette since moving back to the Wilsonville area. As a small business owner, her services have been invaluable to me
She works hard to keep up on the ever-changing world of insurance; and is an advocate for the practitioners as well as the patients.
For someone like me, dealing with billing can be overwhelming and time consuming. I am so thankful I have someone like Ginette that I can trust with my business!

Caitlin Campbell 

Ginette is such a wonderful person and very knowledgeable . I am thrilled I was able to work with her and she has taught me so many new things . She has been a blessing to the doctors she was working for and they are all so happy you have decided to spread your wings and start your own business . I can't wait to see all of your great work . I am pleased to say I have never met anyone else so passionate about the line of work we are in , nor have I met anyone else who is as smart! Ginette is a blessing and Dr. Zyweck and I are so excited to continue working with you. ❤️
April Allison NCICS

Ginette is one of the most competent people when it comes to billing , very knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to help out the patient.  

Dr. Christian Zyweck D.C
I have been using Ginette's services for a few years now, and I can't say enough about her amazing work ethic, thoroughness and standards of excellence. She is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy, and I don't know anyone else I'd rather trust my practice with!
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